Chevy Volt’s Collision Warning System Gets Confused By The Sun (Story)

Detractors often like to bring up the potential situations where self-driving technologies could occasionally perform worse than human drivers, as a means of arguing against the deployment of these technologies. Obviously, this line of reasoning ignores the […]

GM Exec: Tesla & Google Responsible For Acceleration Of Autonomous Driving Development

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The head of GM’s Foresight and Trends Unit, Richard Holman, was recently quoted as publicly stating the Tesla and Google were responsible for accelerating the development of autonomous driving technology. The comments […]

Volvo S90 Includes Semi-Autonomous Drive Feature

Various autonomous (semi-autonomous, really) driving features are now starting to appear more and more rapidly on the market, it seems. Volvo is now also launching a luxury car featuring such a feature. The new vehicle in question […]