Tesla Version 7.0 Firmware w/ Autopilot Being Released Thursday

A new software update for Tesla vehicles will reportedly be released in just a few days, on Thursday October 15th to be exact, according to CEO Elon Musk. The update will include an autopilot feature (for those with the hardware — autopilot sensors) that includes an autopilot parking function, amongst other things.

The rollout (which is a worldwide rollout, not just relating to the US) will occur over a 5-day timespan, though, so some owners may have to wait a bit. Presumably, everyone will have received an update by the middle of next week, though.

Autopilot, huh? This should be interesting — potentially a big milestone if the software performs to expectations. It should be noted, though, that fully automatic parking is not going to arrive until version 7.1 — which is apparently still in Beta testing. The parking function accompanying version 7.0 will simply involve allowing the autopilot function to do the job for you while you sit there and relax, going on what’s been publicly revealed so far. You’ll have to wait a little longer for your Model S or Model X to roll out of the garage and pick you up at the curb.

In addition to the autopilot functions, the user interface of version 7.0 has been completely revamped — with a change in the way current speed is displayed; a rearrangement of key information; and a new display element showing a number of speed limit warning, blind spot warning, collision warning, etc, indicators.

As far as dates go, Elon Musk does have a bit of a tendency to quote dates that don’t end up holding solid, so there’s still the possibility that Thursday won’t be the actual day that the update is released. He does seem to sound pretty sure in this case, though, and it’s just a few days away, so perhaps this is more of a solid statement than some in the past have been. I suppose that we’ll know soon enough.

Worth noting for some people as well, autopilot will be the same on the Model S and the Model X.

And Tesla cars without autopilot will still get a new user interface.

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