POD Point & Nissan UK Partner Up

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

The UK-based electric vehicle charging station firm POD Point has been named as an approved supplier of home charging solutions for Nissan GB, according to an email sent to EV Obsession and CleanTechnica.

The new partnership means that buyers of new electric vehicles from Nissan will have a direct and simple path to the purchase and installation of a POD Point home EV charging system.


The EV Category Manager for Nissan, Edward Jones, commented: “Nissan’s priority is ensuring our customers have the best ownership experience possible. With electric vehicles rapidly gaining popularity in the UK, we want to make running an EV both convenient and enjoyable. Home charging is a pivotal part of EV ownership so we’re delighted to be appointing POD Point as one of our approved HCU suppliers, to help us deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.”

The recent email provides more:

The POD Point Solo, priced from £390, is a super reliable homecharge unit which can be installed within ten working days. EV users typically do 60% of their charging at home, and tend to charge at night when electricity is cheaper and allows them to return to their car with a full battery.

POD Point is now also able to help Nissan owners get charging points installed at their place of work and demonstrate the benefits electric vehicles can bring to their organisation. EV drivers do around 30% of their charging at the workplace, and incorporating electric cars into your company fleet can reduce employee benefit in kind tax by up to 86%. POD Point also partners with Carbon Footprint to offset the first 5,000 miles of electricity for each homecharge POD Point installed, giving drivers time to consider switching to a greener energy tariff.

The CEO and founder of POD Point, Erik Fairbairn, commented as well: “We are very pleased to be working with such a respected company as Nissan GB to provide the very best customer service and installation experience in the UK. We take pride in training and educating plug-in vehicle owners on getting the most out of their cars. There is a wave of momentum in the EV industry now as many manufacturers produce electric vehicles, and with more than 55,000 plug-in vehicles on the road in the UK already we are starting to see plug-in cars become the de facto way to drive.”

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