Sketchfab Of The Tesla Model 3 (See What The Model 3 Looks Like From Any Angle You Want)

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Sketchfab model 3

Tired of obsessing over your Tesla Model 3 reservation yet? If not, then I’ve got another treat for you — a means of seeing what the “Model 3” looks like from any angle you want. Well, not really the Model 3 itself, but a rather good rendering of the “affordable” electric sedan….

While this won’t give one the option of seeing what the Model 3’s (likely to be included) HUD system looks like during use; or how far advanced the vehicle’s autonomous driving features are by the point of release; or even how fast the Ludicrous Mode version of the Model 3 will go; it’s still quite a bit of fun for those wanting to get a better idea of what the Model 3 looks like.

The Sketchfab viewer should embed just below, but if not, you can also find it here.

Tesla Model 3 Sedan
by mike
on Sketchfab


A big thanks to “mike” on Sketchfab for making this. (And, of course, to Tesla for making and planning to mass produce the Model 3….)

If you’re in the mood for more Model 3 news, or are first learning about the groundbreaking electric car and want more information, the links below should suffice:

One thought on “Sketchfab Of The Tesla Model 3 (See What The Model 3 Looks Like From Any Angle You Want)

  1. It is not important, obviously, but I thought the roof was all glass with just two invisible reinforcing bars. This looks to be a solid metal section in the middle. It was still loads of fun to play with!

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