Hyundai Supports New South Wales Government EV Strategy

SYDNEYJune 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Hyundai Motor Company Australia (HMCA) has today announced its support for the New South Wales Government’s EV Strategy as outlined by Minister for Energy and Environment, The Hon. Matthew Kean. Hyundai acknowledges the leadership position taken by the New South Wales Government in developing this policy.

HMCA Chief Operating Officer, Mr John Kett, said: “The New South Wales Government’s stated ambition is to make NSW the easiest state in Australia to buy and drive an Electric Vehicle. This strategy goes a long way to making that a reality. We congratulate the State Government and recognise New South Wales as now setting the pace for the rest of Australia.

“Significant investment in the charging network, in both urban and regional areas, is a welcome initiative. Highly developed infrastructure provides confidence to customers and removes uncertainty around being able to charge EVs away from home.

“Providing stimulus for improving low EV adoption rates in Australia, by offering tax relief and purchase incentives for customers, is another encouraging step. We’ve seen government incentives stimulate adoption rates in advanced markets overseas and the NSW EV Strategy is at world best-practice levels in that regard.

“We also acknowledge the New South Wales Government’s own commitment to convert its fleet to fully electric by 2030, with an interim target of 50% by 2026. We look forward to being a key partner in that transition as we continue to expand the range of Hyundai EVs available to all Australians in the future.”

HMCA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Jun Heo, said: “Hyundai is greatly encouraged by the EV Strategy announced by the New South Wales Government today. It is a world-class progamme – ambitious, broad-ranging and a significant step forward in the development of zero-emissions transport for New South Wales and for Australia.”

Hyundai Kona Electric
Image courtesy of Hyundai

Further quotes, attributable to Hyundai Motor Company Australia Chief Operating Officer, John Kett:

“Hyundai already has the two most efficient cars on sale in Australia today according to the Federal Government’s Green Vehicle Guide, in the form of and the KONA Electric small SUV. We intend to expand that leadership with the release of the Standard Range version of KONA Electric in the coming weeks.”

Hyundai Motor Announces IONIQ Brand Dedicated to EVs, Opening New Chapter for Customer-Centric EV Experiences

“The Hyundai Motor Group globally will launch 44 electrified vehicles by 2025 – of those, 23 will be full Battery Electric models. Hyundai Australia’s intention is to introduce every one of Hyundai’s new EVs to the local market. We are committed to expanding our EV portfolio across Australia, starting with the new IONIQ 5 SUV later this year and shortly followed by the IONIQ 6 Sedan and IONIQ 7 large SUV. Our aim is to be a leading Australian EV provider.”

Press courtesy of Hyundai Motor Company, Australia

Featured Photo by Gilly Tanabose on Unsplash

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