Ample Goes to Japan with ENEOS to Launch EV Battery Swapping Service

We’re thrilled to be announcing our partnership with ENEOS where we’ll be deploying our battery swapping technology in Japan. ENEOS is one of our early investors and is a strong advocate of transitioning transportation to renewable energy. ENEOS shares our vision of an EV infrastructure solution that is as fast, convenient and cost-effective as gasoline allowing for the ubiquity of electric vehicles.

Our initial deployment will involve several passenger and last-mile delivery companies within the fiscal year ending in March 2022 in Japan. Furthermore, to support the growth of renewable energy usage, we will conduct a study where we use the swapping station as a large stationary battery, which will contribute to the optimization of energy utilization and the ability to use the batteries as an emergency power source.

ENEOS is dedicated to solving energy and mobility challenges as the world strives to move away from fossil fuels, and it regards our partnership as an important part of its goal to provide the next generation energy supply and community services.

Read our full press release here.

Introducing Ample: A New Way to Deliver Energy to Any Electric Vehicle – YouTube

Images courtesy of Ample

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