Stranded, Need a Charge? Super-Tow-Charging My Tesla at HIGH SPEED (70MPH – 65,000 Watts – 25 Miles)

Courtesy of Warped Perception, Produced By: Carbon 12,
Directed By: Matt Mikka” YouTube

“I tow my Tesla with another car while using full regenerative braking at 70 mph for 25 miles, at this speed the batteries are being charged at 65,000 Watts, I did not think this is going to work as well as it did but turns out this might be an option for a lot of Tesla owners if they get stranded.


I know there was a lot of talking in this video and it was kind of long, but I felt it was a very important video because it can possibly help out a lot of Tesla owners, most of the Tesla owners I talked to were terrified of running out of battery power because they said they would either have to have the car towed by a tow truck or wait for Tesla service, and to my surprise none of that is necessary.


I mean the range anxiety of these cars is very real and it is not a good feeling so I’m hoping that this video helps someone. also I was very sick when we filmed this video, that’s why my voice sounds sort of muffled. 


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