FOTW #1145: Plug-In Electric Vehicles Are Available in Many Passenger Vehicle Size Classes AUGUST 3, 2020

Originally published on  U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)

August 3, 2020
Half of all plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) on the road in 2019 were mid-size cars, but PEVs are available in size classes ranging from two-seaters to minivans. Together, compact cars and large cars accounted for nearly 30% of the PEV population. Standard sport utility vehicles (SUVs) accounted for 9% while small SUVs were another 2%.

Happy EV Drivers, passengers, Charging Tesla Model 3, Zach Shahan, Daughter.
Image courtesy Cynthia Shahan, New York City EV
GM and EVgo plan to add more than 2,700 new chargers over the next five years to cities and suburbs, providing EV drivers convenient charging options to meet their lifestyle. Image courtesy of GM
Clarity Electric, Image courtesy of Honda
Lily in charge of Plug-in, Charging. Zach Shahan, EV Obsession
The new EVgo fast charging stations will offer 100-350-kilowatt capabilities to meet the needs of an increasingly powerful set of EVs coming to market. Image courtesy of EVgo, & GM
Mercedes-Benz EQV courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Source: Argonne National Laboratory, Assessment of Light-Duty Plug-In Electric Vehicles in the United States, 2010 – 2019, June 2020.

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