DriveNow Announces Price Drop, BMW i3 Available For 34 Pence/Minute In London

In recognition of BMW Group’s 100-year anniversary, carsharing firm DriveNow has cut its prices — with the BMW i3 now available for just 34 pence a minute in London — according to an email sent to CleanTechnica and EV Obsession.

The new price drop is also meant to commemorate the company’s passing of the 20,000 users milestone — in addition to the aforementioned centennial of the joint-venture partner BMW (SIXT is the other partner).


The company’s fleet, which now consists of 290 cars, can now be hired at the prices listed below:

  • MINI — 29p/min (48% of total fleet)
  • BMW 1 Series — 31p/min (21% of total fleet)
  • MINI Convertible and BMW i3 — 34p/min (31% of total fleet)

Joseph Seal-Driver, the Managing Director of DriveNow UK, commented:

We’re lowering prices to say thank you. Thank you to our first 20,000 customers for proving that car sharing really is the future of urban mobility, thank you to BMW for their continued pursuit of innovation over the last 100 years, and thank you to the people reading this who are going to download the app right now and sign up!

With a 15-minute journey now coming in at just £4.35, we’re now not only the most stylish transport option in London, but one of the most cost-efficient ones too. And with our recent addition of convertibles to the fleet, there’s now a car to suit every need: from sunny trips to London Fields to congestion-charge-exempt shopping days in Soho.

More information on pricing changes and on the service in general can be found at DriveNow’s website.

2 thoughts on “DriveNow Announces Price Drop, BMW i3 Available For 34 Pence/Minute In London

  1. Sounds expensive to me. How does it compare to other car pools? In Oslo, as well as some places in Sweden, the car pool company Moveabout has the BMW i3 for 99 kr/hr (~8.3 GBP/hr), which is roughly half price compared to DriveNow. However we must return the car to the same place, which does not seem to be required with DriveNow, so I can see an advantage there.

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