Free Concerts On Gothenburg’s EV Bus Route Today & Tomorrow (June 16 & 17)

Free concerts put on by children from the Side by Side by El Sistema international music camp are being performed today and tomorrow (June 16 and 17) on electric bus route 55 in Gothenburg, Sweden, according to an email sent to CleanTechnica and EV Obsession.

The concerts are part of a cooperative venture between ElectriCity and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. The concerts are partly being performed to draw attention to the international music camp, Side by Side by El Sistema, that’s being held in the city from June 15th to 18th.


To explain — the camp is a part of the global El Sistema music school, which is a program aimed at causing positive change through youth involvement in music. (More information on El Sistema Sweden can be found here.)

“The camp is a meeting-place for young people from all over the world, where you gather around a common passion for music. Performing music on an electric bus is a different and exciting way of sharing your passion. The collaboration is a creative way of giving the youths an arena and the passengers a unique bus ride. The art can take place in the midst of society,” stated Petra Kloo Vik, Manager for Children/Youth Activities at the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

“This is a great way of showing what it is possible to do on board silent buses. El Sistema and Side by Side are both doing very important work that we here at ElectriCity are happy to support by allowing young musicians to play on board the buses,” commented Helena Lind, Media Relations Manager Volvo Buses.

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