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Published on June 17th, 2016 | by Zach


How Important Is Superfast Charging? Very…

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

Supercharging Importance

One week ago, I dropped this poll into an article about super-fast charging and Tesla’s public evolution on the matter.

Last year, I asked a similar question in a much longer survey, “How much more would you be attracted to a fully electric car model if you had access to the Tesla Supercharger network or a comparable super-fast charging network (if one ever gets built) for a one-time cost oc $2,000?” (Chart below.)

I was curious if opinions might have changed considerably and if answers would be different asked in a different, and am just very curious in this topic.

Interestingly, responses were approximately the same as before.

In the new poll, 68% of respondents said a broad super-fast charging network is “very important,” compared to 65% of said they were significantly or MUCH more attracted to an EV that can use Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Another 22% said that it was somewhat important, compared to 24% who said they were “slightly more attracted” to an EV that can use Tesla’s Supercharger network.

Together, that 90% vs 89%.

Needless to say, our readers (informed EV enthusiasts) see broad, super-fast charging networks as quite important for the EV market and their own EV desires. If you haven’t yet checked out my recent detailed look at the state of super-fast charging, I encourage you to do so, and here’s a broader piece on EV charging.

Tesla Supercharger demand


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  • warcaster

    Hopefully one day we’ll have 500KW fast chargers as well, because I think within 10 years all EVs will have at least 100KWh batteries, while the higher-end ones will have 150-200KWh batteries (especially the sports and heavier ones, which need more power).

    So if we want to still have ~20 mins of fast charging, 500KW fast chargers will be needed. Maybe in 20 years we’ll even have 1-2MW fast chargers, to charge any car in minutes.

  • Greg Hudson

    I recently had dinner with a Mercedes Benz employee who hinted that MB would have pure EV’s much sooner than most people think. Until a few weeks ago, we were a 2 Merc household, one is now sold, while we wait for the Model Y to become available. This got me to thinking as to would *I* want a MB with long range, but without access to a level 4 or higher charger (aka Tesla SuperCharger or better) and the answer is a definite NO. MB should be embracing the SC network, and work WITH Tesla, especially given the fact that the B Class EV has Tesla guts – so they (MB) should know better. We don’t get the MB B Class EV in Australia because it is not made in right hand drive, and I have always wondered… Does *IT* have access to the Tesla SC Network ? Perhaps someone with one can tell me please ?

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