Tesla Motors Wins Right To Sell EVs Directly To Consumers In North Carolina — Anti-Competitive Legislation Dropped

Tesla Motors has won yet another legal victory in its fight to sell directly to consumers and bypass the outdated auto-dealership sales model — the North Carolina House of Representatives just scrapped a bill put forward […]

Souped-Up Nissan Leaf EV Now Available In Japan — Nismo Performance Package Improves Aerodynamics, Driving Performance, & Energy Efficiency

The world’s best-selling all-electric vehicle — the Nissan Leaf — is now getting a significant overhaul in Japan. The introduction of the Nismo Performance Package there will improve the aerodynamics, driving performance, and the energy efficiency […]

Volvo Testing In-Road Wireless EV Charging

Remember when roads weren’t everywhere? Maybe not. However, they had to be built at some point. That was expensive. However, the current gasoline-powered road transportation system is old, unreliable, and inefficient because gasoline engines are unreliable […]

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid Fuel Efficiency = 47 MPG (Top Hybrid In Class In Fuel Efficiency)

The 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid has achieved 49 MPG city, 45 MPG highway, and 47 MPG combined fuel efficiency. The city rating of 49 MPG is impressive, as it exceeds that of all other hybrids on […]

Tesla Battery Swap Q&A And Demo Videos

The big electric car news of the week was surely the Tesla Model S battery pack swap demo that I wrote about yesterday. Tesla had been hinting about it for weeks… or years, depending on how […]

Tesla Unveils 90-Second Battery Swap (VIDEO)

Tesla’s last big announcement following months of good news and press conferences was the announcement that it could perform a 90-second battery swap and would be rolling out battery swapping stations on the East and West […]