Tesla Model S & Tesla Roadster Owner Videos

Following up on the 18 videos we’ve already shared from Tesla Motors’ battery swapping demo on Thursday night, below are four more that were created by the creator of 17 of those 18 videos mentioned above.

This first one is a video of two Tesla Roadster owners picking up their new Tesla Model S. In it, they note some of the major benefits of an electric car, benefits that get left undiscussed way too often. Here’s the video:

In this second video, one of these new Model S owners goes on to discuss even more of the benefits of an electric car — and the Model S, in particular. Again, some of these get left unmentioned way too often.


These last two videos are just quick shots of a Model S and a Roadster. The Model S one highlights some cool, futuristic features of the Model S and is accompanied by some fun music. The second one just circles the beautiful Roadster.

I love that the license plate for the Roadster spells Tesla in a way that reflects how Tesla Motors CEO & Chairman Elon Musk pronounces it (Tezzzla*). Not sure if that was the point or not.

*Of course, to a South African, that’s simply how it should be pronounced. Nothing special about it at all. But, to us Americans, it’s just another one of Musk’s special, adorable quirks.

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