Canadian EV Sales For August 2015 See Chevy Volt Continuing To Go Strong

Despite the ongoing economic troubles of Canada (and the falling gas prices), sales of the Chevrolet Volt are continuing to go strong there — based on the recently aggregated sales figures for the US’s northern neighbor during August 2015.

Altogether, there were 167 Chevy Volts sold during August 2015 in Canada — somewhat under the 186 Volts sold during August 2014, but a bit higher than the 150 Volts sold during July 2015 (sector-leading sales for the month in that market).

2016 Chevrolet Volt

With the Volt’s supremacy reconfirmed for the month of August, the popular offering from Chevy has now topped the Canadian electric vehicle (this includes plug-in hybrids/PHEVs) sales rankings for the 29th time (tentatively).

Tesla Model S sales are continuing to remain relatively steady as well — and remain as something of a competitor to the Volt up there, despite the great differences between the two models with regard to pricing and performance (and target market).

Regardless of the relatively steady/strong sales, the Canadian market still remains basically untapped — with the total share of the country’s auto market held by electric vehicles (EV) being only around half of that as in the US (0.3% as compared to 0.6%). Interestingly, though, the Tesla Model’s share of the market is comparable in the two countries — the difference in total EV share apparently lies solely with lower sales of other models.

On that note, 124 Nissan LEAFs were sold in August in Canada, BMW sold 49 EVs/PHEVs, 7 Mitsubishi i-MiEVs were sold, and 1 Cadillac ELR was sold. Sales figures for Toyota and Ford offerings are unavailable, and will remain so unless the companies change their policies.

Presumably Kia sold some Soul EVs, and Mercedes sold some of its offerings as well, as the vehicles continue to be registered. July saw 62 Souls registered, and 50 electric Mercedes.

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  1. Makes sense, you want Canada to get out of oil and into wind, you buy a hybrid or EV, in Canada the Volt clearly makes more sense.

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