BYD Qin Still Crushing It In China (China Electric Car Sales — June)

china EV Sales JuneJosé Pontes does a great job rounding up electric car sales and registration numbers for countries around the world, and that includes China. But before diving into the latest numbers from China, let me get this obligatory disclosure out of the way: these are not official figures and contain some estimates (read: guesses). It is what it is, so you have to take these numbers with a few grains of salt, but they are still super interesting to look at and discuss.

The big story in China is the BYD Qin. Since it’s release last year, it has been dominating the electric car market in China (see here, here, and here). June was no exception. According to José, it accounted for 40% of the Chinese electric car market! The question is: will we ever see the Qin on US or European shores? José’s confident we will. He believes that BYD may well be “on its way to conquer EV markets across the world in the next couple of years.” We’ll see.

Speaking of crushing it, though, the Chinese electric car market certainly is. It set a new record in June, and registrations were up 99% compared to 2014. Though, the electric car share of the overall Chinese electric car market is still just 0.45%. 🙁

On to the charts and more detailed numbers…

China Electric Car Sales - June 2015

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  1. hi zach
    i kinda confused with tour table
    the total percentage of each product in 2015 market share is above 100%. How’s that possible?

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