Smart Buy: Used Nissan LEAF

Used Nissan LEAFs can apparently be a pretty good choice for those in the market for a used car, according to Consumer Reports.

Given that many LEAFs are now nearing the ends of their leasing terms, now (or the near future) is likely to be a good time to purchase one, according to the prominent consumer watchdog group.

Nissan Leafs Barcelona

As Nissan is now offering a quite generous incentive of $5000–7000 to LEAF owners wishing to buy their leased vehicle at the end of terms, one can probably expect to see used LEAFs selling for fairly low prices.

As noted by Consumer Reports, taking the 2012 model as an example, the incentive lowers the after-lease buyout from around $21,000 to $14,000–16,000. As also noted by Consumer Reports, though, most used LEAFs out there now seem to be selling for notably less than those figures.

Reportedly, there are many listings out there currently for Nissan LEAFs in the ~$10,000 price range — typically, these seem to have odometers showing usage in the 15,000-35,000 mile range.

Something else to consider here: used LEAFs are reportedly selling for $8000–9000 at auction.

There’s a wide degree of variability with regard to used LEAF sales prices currently, though, as there are still a lot of unknowns, so the potential for negotiation is probably higher with the LEAF than with older and non-electric model lines. Something to remember for those looking to purchase a used LEAF….

This seems like it’s especially likely to be true when one considers how little many car dealership sales people seem to know about electric vehicles. Perhaps they’ll assume a used one isn’t worth much owing to battery depletion?

Image by Zachary Shahan | CleanTechnica | EV Obsession (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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  1. If Nissan releases the new 30Kw battery at around $6K installed and it’s backward compatible, used Leaf’s are going to be the best value around.

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