Tesla Model 3 Outsells Honda & Toyota Top Models In California

For decades, the Honda Civic/Accord and Toyota Corolla/Camry have been the most popular cars sold in America. Their reputations for quality and reliability are unimpeachable. On the used car market, they are so much in demand, […]

Consumer Reports Owner Respondents Rank Tesla Model 3 “Most Satisfying Car”

Consumer Reports routinely ranks the new cars available to American buyers on a number of criteria. Some of them are technical, such as emergency braking performance, acceleration, fuel economy, frequency of repair, and reliability. Others are […]

Deloitte EV Sales Forecast Riddled With Errors

A new report by Deloitte sees trouble ahead for the EV market. To put it specifically, the consulting firm thinks there will be a glut of electric cars on the market in coming years and not […]

IIHS: Tesla Model 3 Collision Avoidance Rating = “Superior.” What About Other Ratings?

Originally published on CleanTechnica. The Insurance Institute For Highway Safety is a private testing agency for the insurance industry. In its latest report, it has tested the forward collision warning and emergency braking systems built into the Tesla […]