Aurus Escort: Putin’s Presidential Motorbike Will Be Electric

The French publication Moto Station, “Le premier” motorcycle news portal in France, offers some interesting news on Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin is modernizing his fleet, and he chose a newly developed range of vehicles under the Aurus label. It seems that even Putin cannot deny the higher quality and technology of electric vehicles. There it is — Putin’s choice of an electric escort motorcycle. Perhaps Russia’s advancements in cleaner technology are going to move forward.

Moto Station writes,

What can be said about these new bikes is that they will be purely electric. The Russian president obviously has great importance for his fleet of vehicles and the Russian style. But switching to electricity with these escort bikes is quite surprising. Is it to restore his image? The country is committed to reducing oil production as one of the world’s leading oil and gas producers.”

Moto Station continues,

On the patent designs, unveiled in Russia, no special names appear for these bikes, only the designation “Escort”. For the rest, we have little information. The electric motor is credited with 150 hp and the top speed would be 250 km/h. High performance that may not make sense on an escort bike, although it’s hard to imagine Vladimir Putin surrounding himself with performance less motorcycles, that’s probably not his style.”


The photos reveal a bulky motorcycle with a high, adjustable windshield. The electric motor is housed in an aluminum frame. The rear swinging arm also appears to be made up of the same alloy. It is supported by a central shock absorber. The front gear, with a central shock absorber, appears to feature a technology similar to BMW’s Duolever front gear. As for the position, there is a saddle go wide and hollow, a handlebars high and wide. We are very close to the custom universe. Will the suitcases, suspended in the back, conceal weapons of defense in the event of a terrorist attack? where a vodka-based kit to wait when the president is in official representation? The Aurus Escort is scheduled for 2022. In the meantime, more information may be revealed.”

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