100% Electric Household? Or Backed Up By A Gasmobile?

Another recent poll on the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum is super interesting to me. The pollster asked about whether respondents’ households were 100% electric or included gasoline-powered cars as well. Being a survey on the TMC forum, I’m sure the majority of respondents were Tesla owners, and that means they have much longer electric driving ranges than most electric car owners, as well as access to the Supercharger network. So, you can’t really extrapolate the results for all EV owners. But even if it just applied to Tesla owners, the results are super interesting.

EV household poll results

As you can see, almost 60% of respondents only own fully electric cars. That sort of busts the whole idea that you can’t switch 100% to electric ownership.

The other interesting thing is that the next-highest percentage of respondents (~33%) have a backup gasoline-powered car that they rarely use. Why use a gasmobile when you have an electric car that offers a much nicer drive and is also more convenient, right?

And I like that the pollster included the option of using an airplane for long-distance travel. Honestly, if I’m going a few hundred miles, I don’t want to drive. I’d much rather ride in a train or plane. (Of course, if I am going to drive a few hundred miles, I’d definitely prefer the smooth and quiet drive of an EV.)

There are a few things I’d do differently with such a poll, and I’d love to see the results from non-Tesla owners separately… so maybe I’ll go ahead and do one too!

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