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100% Electric Household? Or Backed Up By A Gasmobile?

Another recent poll on the Tesla Motors Club (TMC) forum is super interesting to me. The pollster asked about whether respondents’ households were 100% electric or included gasoline-powered cars as well. Being a survey on the TMC forum, I’m sure the majority of respondents were Tesla owners, and that means they have much longer electric driving […]

August 31st

Tesla Owners Did Some Serious Upgrading

Following every post in the Tesla Motors Club forum, there’s a lot of stuff that simply isn’t interesting (as is the case with any product forum). But it’s well worth it for all of the interesting gems I find there (and as a potential future Tesla owner and a current Tesla investor). One of the […]

August 31st

Tesla CPO Consolidator — Tesla Owner Creates System To Easily Sort Through Entire Used Tesla Options By Various Parameters

With the recent official launch of Tesla’s Pre-Owned Model S resale program, those interested in purchasing a Model S were given an interesting new option/path to ownership — and owners who were looking to unload their units were given an official channel where they could to do so. Tesla’s current CPO webpage is bit sparse on […]

May 3rd