ZITY, Groupe Renault’s Electric Car-Sharing Service, Sets Up As #RenaultZOE Breaks Sales Record in June

Pierre Christophe Baguet, President of Grand Paris Seine Ouest (GPSO), Mayor of Boulogne-Billancourt and Vincent Carré, Director of International Development for Mobility Services of Groupe Renault today inaugurated the ZITY car-sharing service in Boulogne-Billancourt. The fleet of 500 100% electric Renault ZOE cars, already available in Paris and Clichy, has been added to the range of alternative mobility solutions available in GPSO’s territory.

A historical link between Boulogne-Billancourt & Renault

The history of Renault and that of Boulogne-Billancourt are intimately linked since the brand was born in a garden in the Billancourt district in 1898 before the success that everyone knows. The legendary factory siren was acquired, restored and recently installed in Place Jules Guesde by the mayor of the town.

Committed to the environment, Grand Paris Seine Ouest (GPSO) has been encouraging the development of soft and shared mobility within its territory for 10 years.

By choosing ZITY, Boulogne-Billancourt is honoring its past as the cradle of the Renault company and turning resolutely towards the mobility of the future”, explains Pierre-Christophe Baguet, The upcoming circulation on our streets of ZOE electric car-sharing vehicles is fully in line with the commitments of the 2020-2025 Climate Plan Air Energy that we have made in order to develop transport without CO2 emissions.

Diversification of mobility solutions in the GPSO area – Vélib’, bicycle facilities, electric scooters and buses, and now shared electric vehicles will make it possible to reduce the impact of transport on the environment, while meeting the varied needs of local residents.

The arrival of Zity in Boulogne-Billancourt has a special resonance, as the city is the historical anchor of Groupe Renault and today the site of a new development looking to the future. After Paris and Clichy, where we are off to a promising start, the expansion of our offer is a sign of the interest of towns and city dwellers in more sustainable, competitive electric mobility, whose flexibility allows them to move freely outside the zone defined for rental and return, said Vincent Carré.

The advantages of the Zity service

Thanks to the ZITY mobile application, users can view on a map, at any time of the day or night, the vehicle closest to their position. Reservation is instantaneous and the vehicle is unlocked via the application. To end the rental, the vehicle must be parked in Paris, on any public square above ground and locked. However, it is possible to park temporarily outside the service area using the “Stand by” mode.

  • The cars offer 5 real seats and are equipped with reverse camera, proximity sensors, GPS, touch screen and cruise control.
  • Child seats are present in more than 150 vehicles and those equipped with them are immediately identifiable via a “pacifier” icon via the mobile application at no extra cost.
  • A guaranteed battery level displayed thanks to the on-board technology in the Renault ZOE ZITY allows all the information on the dashboard, including the battery level, to be displayed in real time. Below the minimum required level, the vehicle is no longer available for hire and is quickly recharged by the ZITY teams.
  • The availability and intelligent positioning of vehicles: the high level of autonomy of the ZOE batteries allows less frequent recharging and therefore a greater number of vehicles available on the streets. ZITY’s high-performance IT platform enables intelligent and rapid repositioning of vehicles after maintenance to guarantee users will find vehicles easily and at a short distance.

Flexible rates adapted to different needs

  • A service accessible 24/7 ;
  • A free subscription validated under 24/48h, without any obligation to subscribe, nor minimum or maximum fixed duration;
  • An introductory rate of 0.29€ / minute;
  • Time packages, with fixed rates, for extended use:
    • 24h : 35€
    • 48h : 55€
    • 72h : 65€
  • Savings packs: time credit that can be used in several times for regular use
    • Smart Pack: 36€ allowing to benefit from 35€ of credit on the application;
    • Smart Pack: 60€ or 75€ of credit;
    • Smart Pack: 100€ or 130€ of credit;
  • Credits purchased are also valid in Spain, Madrid and, in the future, in other European cities, where the ZITY offer could be extended.
  • ZITY also offers a “stand-by” rate that allows the user to keep the vehicle at a preferential cost of €0.13/minute for a short parking period with no time limit.
  • Depending on his or her route, the user is automatically offered the most advantageous rate, both per minute and per package.
  • This electric car-sharing service operates free of charge in Paris on authorised road spaces.

The health protocol

The ZITY teams are equipped with protective masks and respect the barrier gestures at each intervention on the vehicles (picking up, dropping off, route). During recharging and maintenance operations, the points of contact with users’ hands are systematically disinfected.

It is recommended that users of the service wear a mask, wash their hands before and after each trip with soap or hydro alcoholic gel and respect the recommendations and “barrier” gestures to protect other customers and operational teams.

Images courtesy of Groupe Renault


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