Word Of Mouth Sells Others On EVs

The first owner of a Nissan LEAF found that word of mouth sells others on EVs. Watching the video and listening to the reasons motivating his choice of a LEAF, it is nice to know that, as the first Nissan LEAF owner, he bought it for the environmental benefits. That is a primary reason to buy or lease one.

This first buyer cares about the air his children breathe, as do many buyers. The first all-electric Nissan LEAF was delivered on December 11, 2010, to Olivier Chalouhi of San Francisco, and since then, Nissan has become the world’s leader in electric vehicle sales, with ~200,000 all-electric LEAF vehicles sold globally, and more than 88,000 sold in the US.

I found the LEAF to be the smoothest ride in the back seat of all the EVs I tried out. Chalouhi shares that all three of his children fit in the back seat easily. It is not too small to be a family car, in my opinion (and I’m a mother of 4).

As a driver of a 2015 Nissan LEAF, I find that anyone I take for a ride in the LEAF becomes enamoured with the quiet, smooth, calmer ride — and wants to lease or own one as well.

For those who enjoy Spotify, Nissan notes that it as compiled 10 fan-suggested songs for a “100% Nissan LEAF 5th Birthday Playlist.” The songs can be streamed via the Bluetooth connection in the Nissan LEAF.

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One thought on “Word Of Mouth Sells Others On EVs

  1. Funny this story comes out now. A coworker saw my little SparkEV last week, and thought it’s a golf cart until he rode in it. Now he’s considering leasing or even buying Tesla S when his Lexus 460 lease is over. I had no idea how expensive Lexus leases are; 1 month is about 1 year of SparkEV lease!

    And no, nothing to do with environment, but brutal (!) quick and smooth, something not even top of the line Lexus could match “cheaper than cell phone plan” EV.

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