Why Is President Biden Acting As If He Is PR For General Motors?

Why is President Biden pushing General Motors as the electric vehicle leader so hard? It would be different if he were to just say that’s his favorite brand. But instead, he’s trying to gaslight the American people into believing that GM is responsible for Tesla’s achievements when it’s not. He’s seriously acting more like a public relations manager for GM rather than the President of the United States.

For a while there, it looked as if President Biden has been catering to the whims of the United Auto Workers union when it comes to fairness toward Tesla and EVs. However, General Motors is being pushed as the EV leader by the president, and recently the automaker has been hyping itself up as the automaker that electrified the auto industry. So I have to ask, why?

Whether or not you like Elon Musk or Tesla is irrelevant here. We have to be fair and just. And to do so means we can not ignore Elon Musk, Tesla, and the accomplishments that they have achieved. And by Tesla, I am referring to its hardworking employees, who are working tirelessly to not just electrify an industry that has been stagnant, but also to bring innovation back to the table.

Tesla and its employees are major contributors to the history that we are witnessing here. And to disregard their accomplishments and give that over to GM, a company that has fought to kill the EV and fought against stricter emissions in California, is mad.

Mad, yet strategic if an agenda is in play here. Why is President Biden pumping GM? As per the headline of this article, I have to ask whether or not he is bought by them. I’m not saying he is, but am asking. And before some folks get confused, I don’t hate Biden. I voted for him, and compared to Trump, I don’t regret it. However, he was the lesser of two evils.

Chevy Bolt Is The ONLY Vehicle That Qualifies For $12,000 In Biden’s Build Back Better Bill

Keep in mind that GM has halted the production of the Chevy Bolt until next year. The EV has had numerous incidents with fires, yet strangely is the only one for which an American can get the full $12,000 incentive for buying an EV under the current proposal.

The EV credit also completely disregards Tesla and only incentivizes Ford, GM, and Stellantis — the three automakers that Biden invited to the White House to its EV event where it openly snubbed Tesla and admitted to doing so while citing that it was a UAW event, and for us to make of that what we would.

Mary Barra recently said in a video that GM is the leader when asked about EVs and GM’s leadership in the future.

“We have been the leader in the United States; have been number 2 in China for many years.”

GM doesn’t sell more EVs than Tesla, in the US or China, and is not the industry leader. What Mary just did, sadly, is what Earl pointed out in the tweet above.

Elon Musk tells a joke and the SEC punishes him. But GM’s CEO is allowed to make up stories about its sales position in the market. How is this okay? This makes me think that President Biden is working with GM to gaslight his voters into thinking that GM is producing more EVs than Tesla and that Biden is keeping his campaign promises to his voters.

Not only did his administration completely ignore Tesla, its achievements, and the hard work of its employees, but it is outright being deceptive about who is leading EVs. And this will hurt Americans wanting to buy an EV. For now, GM has suspended its Bolt production until 2022. Perhaps it will start back production then, or continue to suspend it even further. Either way, for a carmaker to sell cars, it has to make them.

I mean, you have to have made them and sold them before you can say you sold and delivered them in numbers that qualify you to be the leader of this part of the market.

I don’t hate GM and I hope that the problems with its Chevy Bolt get solved, and that they can start production again. The EV incentive is a great way to help Americans transition to cleaner vehicles, and this is what we want. However, we also want fairness, not political backroom dealings.

It saddens me to see President Biden go this route when there is enough room in the market for all of America’s automakers to benefit and thrive.

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