Volkswagen e-Golf Is Ecstatic In Norway, Clear #1

Norway EV SalesAfter covering France (#2), Netherlands (#3), and Germany (#4) electric car sales, it’s time to cover the big dog — the #1 electric car market in Europe. Norway, here we come!

It’s a very different story in each of these markets. Like France, most electric car sales are for fully electric cars. However, unlike France, the big sellers are the Volkswagen e-Golf, Tesla Model S, and Nissan LEAF (for January through June). Though, the Renault Zoe did slip into #3 in June (up from #5 for the first half of the year in total), while the LEAF took a hit and landed down in the #7 slot.

The Europe-leading Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV doesn’t have a medal in Norway, but it is eyeing the medal podium in the #4 spot. The Audi A3 e-tron, meanwhile, is #6 for both June and January through June. Despite using the same drivetrain as the VW Golf GTE and having nearly the same price, this is the only market of these top 4 where he A3 e-tron tops the Golf GTE for the year to date. I guess Audi just has a slight upper hand in Norway while Volkswagen does in France, Germany, and the Netherlands?

Plenty of other electric models are faring quite well in Norway as well. Have a look at the numbers in the charts and table I just created (thanks to José Pontes for the stats*):

Norway EV Sales 2014 - June 2015

*Note that these registration numbers require some assumptions and are not all from an official source. I’ve tried to track down complete numbers in the past, but the nature of the beast these days is that they just aren’t available. I’ve also found mistakes and odd assumptions in José’s numbers in the past, but they are still far and away the best I have found aggregated on the internet. So, be cautious with how you use these sales statistics, but the general picture should be accurate and useful.

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