Lito Green Motion Introduces The Sora Electric Super-Bike (VIDEOS)

After years of development, the Canadian motorcycle company Lito Green Motion has finally been certified by the Canadian Ministry of Transport as a motorcycle manufacturer.

Sora Electric bike

Lito Green Motion has not wasted any time with the release of the Sora electric super-bike, which has a price tag of $41,000.

The Sora, which means “sky” in Japanese, comes with a 12-kWh lithium polymer battery that delivers a range of 185 miles on a single charge. To fully charge the Sora, it takes around 8 hours, or 90 minutes using a quick charger.

Sora Electric bike

The Sora is a high-performing all-electric motorcycle that can do 0 to 60 in 4 seconds, with a top speed of around 120 mph.

Sora Electric bike

The Sora is a smooth and quiet ride, with hardly any vibration. The innovative seat can be moved up or down at the touch of a button depending on road conditions (low for highway, and high for city driving).

Equipped with an integrated 5.7-inch touch-panel LCD, the rider can easily acquire GPS information and the Safe Range System app, which manages battery charge depending on the destination you set.

Sora is being dubbed as the world’s first keyless and continuously variable transmission electric motorcycle. To help preserve battery power on the road, the Sora uses a regenerative braking system.

The Sora also provides 3 control modes (performance, eco, and safe range) and a liquid-cooled 3-phase AC induction motor. The wheel base offers drivers maximum agility on the urban circuit and comfort on highways.

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