Test Driving Teslas Through The Uber App (In Finland)

Last week, Uber drivers in Helsinki, Finland, had the opportunity to schedule test drives of the Tesla Model S via the app normally used only for scheduling rides. To be clear here, these Tesla test drives were completely free, and were apparently just a new means of giving prospective buyers the chance to try out the lauded electric sedan.

As the program was a pilot of sorts, presuming that everything went the way the organizers were hoping it would, I’m guessing that we’ll see more of this approach in the future.


The exact dates and times for the pilot were October 24th (Saturday) and October 25th (Sunday), between the hours of 11 am and 3 pm. The test drives were for durations of 15 minutes a piece. The pilot was only open to drivers over 25 years of age, though, it should be mentioned.

Overall, that sounds like a pretty good means of giving people the chance to test drive a Tesla Model S, doesn’t it? Probably not worth it for every city, but for tech-heavy cities like Helsinki, the idea does seem to me to be a good one. Perhaps the pilot will be extended to appropriate American cities soon as well?


(Hat tip to Uber Helsinki for this.)

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