Tesloop — Long-Distance Transport In A Tesla

tesloopA startup in the Western US has popped up to bring the Tesla experience to more people. The name, as you’ve seen, is Tesloop. At the moment, it is only offering rides between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, but I assume the plan is to roll out more routes as business comes in.

You can book one seat in the car and share the ride with strangers ($59 one way or $99 roundtrip with a current coupon), or you can book a ride for 3 for a lower per-person rate ($250 for all three roundtrip, or ~$83/person, with the special offer just mentioned).

I normally wouldn’t quote testimonials, but I think this one from the Tesloop website captures a big part of the consumer draw: “Excellent service, I felt like a person again, and not just another number when speaking with the courteous and knowledgeable driver.”

Well, dang, now that I’m at it, here are two more testimonials that seem to tell the story:

  • “I had to go to Vegas for a pet convention… I didn’t want to drive. I found this company and wanted to try it. So easy… You guys rock and I will be using this service again.”
  • “A refreshing, efficient, and delightful alternative to air travel… Five stars! I am in love with Tesloop and highly recommend it!”

The convenience of not having to drive myself (huge benefit) and not having to go to the airport (an hour or so early) are huge draws from my perspective. Regarding the latter, that is clearly on the mind of the founders, as this is how they word your luggage allowance: “May bring one medium bag and one ‘carry-on.’ ”

The “greener” travel is also a nice benefit I appreciate, and I imagine a lot of Californians appreciate. Here’s one more line from the company: “Tesloop transports you in the safest and most advanced cars in the world. As the first sustainable transportation network, we provide an experience that is more pleasant and productive than flying, competitively priced with driving your car, all on zero emissions.”

Here’s an interview with one of the founders (the other founder is his father):

h/t “jsm” on Tesla Motors Club forum

One thought on “Tesloop — Long-Distance Transport In A Tesla

  1. brilliant idea especially in promoting EVs!!! How much would that journey cost with alternative transportation? Like Taxi, Bus, Train, Plane… Does anyone know?

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