Tesla Model X 70D Now On Tesla Site — $80,000 & 5-Seat Option

Nearly two months ago, a potential Tesla Model X customer (@Chargingtimes) tweeted Elon (while Elon was engaging in a tweetstorm regarding Model X matter) to ask if and when a lower-range, lower-cost Model X would be available. Elon responded: “something like a 70, but probably around 12 months from now.”

Not long after that, Elon noted while speaking at the Vanity Fair Summit, “We’ll have a more-affordable version out next year that will start at around $75,000 before incentives, about $65,000 after.” That surprised me, as I was expecting the starting price to be $80,000 based on previous comments from Elon.

As it turns out, the starting price of the base, 70D Model X is $80,000.

Yesterday, Tesla started sending out emails to “production Model X” reservation holders. Bonnie Norman kindly shared screenshots of the ordering page and options. Here they are (followed by comments noting some of the key pieces of news):


Some key points of note:

  • the production Model X has a 5-seat option for more cargo space (even though the back row in the 6-seat and 7-seat options can be folded down
  • you actually have to pay more for a 6th ($3,000) or 7th ($1,000 — or $4,000 more than the 5-seat default option) seat
  • various features (that I love) on the unveiled Founder & Signature Model X trims come as part of a $4,500 “Premium Upgrade Package” on the production Model X — the HEPA-quality air filter, the self-presenting driver’s door that opens automatically for the Bond wannabe, the ventilated front seats, and plenty more
  • the EPA-provided range of the Model X 70D is 220 miles, vs 257 for the 90D and 250 for the P90D
  • the 0–60 mph time is 6 second flat (not too shabby for an SUV!)
  • forum user “BrettH” also caught that the delivery estimates are different for the different trims: early 2016 for the P90D, mid 2016 for the 90D, and mid to late 2016 for the 70D (which makes plenty of sense, of course).
  • Via “flar,” base price of the 90D = $95,500 and includes air suspension, while base price of the P90D = $115,500 and includes air suspension and active spoiler. (And active spoiler is not available on anything below the P90D.)
  • Via “CurrentRide,” if you care much about the wheels, “4 different wheel options, with a 20″ helix wheel being a $2500 option, and silver or ‘carbon’ turbine wheels $4500.”

Anybody ready to join the production reservation queue and start configuring your Model X?!

Oh, lastly, via “engle,” here’s a full screenshot of the options you can put on the Model X P90D:

Production X Configuration Has Begun! - Page 7

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