Tesla Model S Fire Explained By Elon Musk (VIDEO)

I can’t recall ever seeing Tesla CEO, Chairman, and Product Architect Elon Musk wearing a suit. That is, before watching the video below. One of the biggest “hits” to Tesla this year has been the fire that erupted in a Tesla Model S about a month ago. Naturally, there’s some positive spin to this. For example, this allowed Tesla to point out that you’re 5 times more likely to have the car you’re driving in catch fire if it’s a gasmobile than if it’s a Tesla, that the Tesla Model S is designed in such a safe way that the fire never extended into the car and the driver was notified to pull over and call the fire department right away without him having to frenetically do so, that the car has the highest safety rating of any car ever tested in North America, that the owner of that Model S actually went and bought himself another Model S, and more.

Still, a lot of damage control has been needed due to the absurd amount press coverage that has gone towards this single car fire (as opposed to the other 150,000 car fires per year reported by the National Fire Protection Association). So, Elon Musk answered some questions about it on Bloomberg TV… and even wore a suit! Check it out:

One thought on “Tesla Model S Fire Explained By Elon Musk (VIDEO)

  1. I watch almost every video of Elon Musk. Like I read almost every article on CleanTechnica. Musk is often wearing suits. Key quotes from this video that caught my attention, paraphrasing:

    The word “Conflagration”
    “Stock price is higher than any right that we have to deserve”
    “Gas prices are higher in Europe, about twice as high”
    “1/3rd of our engineering team is from europe”

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