Tesla Model S Can Swim

A Floridian with the username “Dan1” on the Tesla Motors Club forum just shared an interesting little video of a Tesla Model S making it out of a flooded tunnel, much more easily than the vehicles around it. Dan had the clever idea of the “Model S can swim” title, so I also have to give him credit for that.

It seems the video didn’t originate in Florida, but somewhere in Russia or Ukraine, but plenty of Floridians may well be interested in the benefits of a Tesla in standing water.

Some quick assumptions are that Tesla’s rather heavy weight, excellent traction control, and instant torque helped get it out of this unfortunate situation. Naturally, though, I wouldn’t advise taking your Tesla Model S and its extremely valuable battery into standing water on purpose.

Naturally, some of the other members of the forum joked about Tesla’s Lotus Esprit Easter Egg, and “FlatSix911” shared this fun image (unfortunately, I have no idea who created it):

Tesla submarine

Anyhow, count “getting out of a flooded street” as another advantage of a Tesla. Just try your best to not get into a flooded street….

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