Tesla Model 3 Pricing Revealed For UK Market?

Thanks to the openness of one of the commentators on the Tesla Motors Club forums, it seems that we may now know what the retail pricing for the UK market is going to be like, with regard to the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3

The commenter in question, “YoungStranger” simply asked a Tesla rep at the recent NEC in the UK what the price for the Tesla Model 3 would be, and actually got a definite answer.

Here it is in his/her own words:

Went to solar energy uk show today at NEC. Was told by Tesla rep that UK price for model 3 would be £25k. Asked if that was a rumour and included gov incentives. She said she was authorised to give this price and it did not include incentives. Is this a deal?

That does sound pretty solid to me. Given the way that things are typically priced in the UK (as compared to in the US), that’s about what I had been guessing myself, for the basic (not tricked out) Model 3s.

Forum commenter “Dan43” noted:

Interesting, I guess the suggested $30K US price today equates to £19,431 via XE.com. I’m in at £25K and if incentives still exist that could drop to £20K.

Or would used Model S be close to that £30K price. How much is a used Model S probably a 60KW model, in the UK right now?

Hmm. I really have to wonder about the choices that Tesla will actually end up making (concerning Model 3 pricing) in the European markets. It’s a very different situation than the one with the Model S — where those buying are specifically interested in purchasing a prestige item, and don’t care that much about costs. To truly be an “affordable” electric vehicle (EV) option in Europe, on the other hand, Tesla will need to undercut local manufacturers like Renault. At the same time, it has to be low enough to compete against used Model Ss (for those who don’t simply want a smaller Model 3).

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  1. Converted to local currency, the price is very close to a Golf GTD, GTE or GTI.. Sure hope they’ll have decent battery options like the Model S for those who’d like to pay more to get more range.

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