Tesla Model 3 Clay Model From 2010

Originally published on CleanTechnica.

The good Florida boys* over at EV Annex recently stumbled across a cool find: a 2010 Tesla recruitment vide0 (don’t think they need to create those anymore…) featured a clay model of the Tesla Model 3… and it was quite similar to the Model 3 that was just unveiled on March 31. Check out this comparison from redditor TheKobayashiMoron:

Tesla Model 3 comparison clay model

Naturally, a few things have changed, but the final product is strikingly similar to what was shown in 2010. The source video is below, and you can jump straight to 1:23 in to jump straight to the clay Model 3.

The rest of Matt Pressman’s article is an excellent stitching together of key statements regarding the Tesla Model 3 design and manufacturing process, highlighting quotes from CleanTechnica (which we love :D) and others. Jump on over if you want to see if you’ve missed anything, or just how Matt frames it all.

Another cool video that I don’t want to spend a full article on but think is worth sharing is the following Tesla Model 3 fan commercial (h/t RMan). We thought we’d seen a lot of high-quality fan commercials for the Tesla Model S, but I have a feeling the Model 3 will eclipse those pretty quickly.

*Relocated from the Northeast.

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