Tesla Hitting More Milestones

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Of course Tesla is hitting more milestones — it’s moving forward fast, and there are always new stats that can be shared. Nonetheless, I’m a sucker for stats, so here are a few that came out of Tesla’s 2014 annual shareholder meeting, followed by some Tesla slides:

  • Supercharger DC fast-charging stations are now in over 100 locations in the United States.
  • Tesla’s electric cars have now driven over 344 million miles.
  • 0 people have been killed in Tesla crashes.
  • The average price of the Model S is projected to fall from ~$100,000 to ~$90,000. I’m not sure if that’s a milestone or not, but we’ll count it as one since it includes numbers.
  • The first right-hand-drive Tesla Model S is hitting London this weekend! How long till Prince Henry gets one?
  • This one’s more tentative: Tesla is soon going to start prep work on gigafactories in 2 or even 3 states, “all the way to creating a foundation and creating the plans and getting approval.” The final choice of location is supposed to come at the end of 2014.

Tesla Gigafactory

Tesla Model S Evolution

Tesla regions markets

Tesla Product Strategy Models

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4 thoughts on “Tesla Hitting More Milestones

  1. “Supercharger DC fast-charging stations are now in over 100 locations in the United States.” That is technicaly not wrong even though it’s kind of cheating to count those under costruction too.

    “0 people have been killed in Tesla crashes” Before they have always talked about 0 people being killed and seriously injured in a Tesla. I guess someone has been seriously injured now because that part is taken away.

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