The Tesla Hearse — Will Your Self-Driving Model S Eventually Drive You To Your Funeral?

The Dutch stretch car builder RemetzCar has revealed the “Tesla Hearse” — a modified Tesla Model S intended to bring you to your final resting place. Perhaps autonomously.

While that last bit is more of a joke for now, who knows what the possibilities will be in a few years? I could actually imagine an enthusiastic Tesla fan stipulating something along those lines in their will (being driven by an autonomous Model S to their funeral).

The Tesla Hearse reveal by RemetzCar took place, fittingly, at the recent 2016 Funeral Exhibition.

Autoblog provides more: “If there’s ever a car ride in which you don’t have a lot of control over what you’re riding in, it’s your last one in a hearse. While burial rituals vary tremendously around the world, anyone who wants to go out in a blaze of green will likely agree that this is a classy way to do it. Say hello to the Tesla Hearse. Dutch stretch car builder RemetzCar is now offering to turn your Tesla Model S into a glass-canopied funeral coach. And if there was ever a time where Autopilot would be tremendously appropriate, a final ride from the funeral home to the burial site seems like the ideal time. If RemetzCar could get Tesla to figure out a way to make it driver in a slow, somber fashion, the ghostly impact of pulling up without a driver must certainly appeal to some.”

I’m not sure that many would find it “ghostly,” though. It seems as though some of the most enthusiastic proponents in the tech industry would be likely to consider it a sign of their values and status — if someone intimately involved in self-driving vehicle technologies could afford to have their body driven to a funeral by an autonomous Tesla, why wouldn’t they?


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