Tesla Fan Commercial Casts Energizing Vision For The Future

The Freise Brothers created a fan commercial that tells a poignant tale from days long past that applies equally well to the current EVolution of the automotive industry. Inspirational bits often give me the steam to get through another day, to try just a bit harder to be the best me that I can be, and this video certainly inspires me.

These same words might has well have been quoted from an early Elon Musk speech as he cast his vision for Tesla Motors. A company built and shaped to challenge the status quo. To bring a car that was so much better than any other car that it pulled people to it, as if by some primal magnetism, some innate knowledge that this car is better. This car is built for us. This car delivers on the future promised by Back to the Future, by The Jetsons, Star Trek, and even Star Wars. This car is the future.

Be inspired, chase your dreams, change the world.

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