Solar Cars Save Money

Originally published on Clean Power Research. By Gavin Novotny Is it possible to save more money by combining an electric vehicle (EV) with a home solar PV system rather than considering each individually? Often the answer […]

Touring India In A Self-Made Solar Car — 63-Year-Old Looking To Cover 1,740 Kilometers

A 63-year-old man by the name of Syed Sajjad Ahmed is planning to make an incredible 1,740-kilometer (~1080-mile) journey from Bengaluru to Delhi, India, in a self-made solar-powered vehicle over the coming months, according to recent […]

Solar Car From Siemens, Fiat, Mazel, & Magnetomatics?

Originally published on Solar Love. Generally speaking, I don’t think solar-powered cars are very practical. They are fun and do highlight how far we’ve come. They may help to advance certain electric car technologies and designs. […]