Proterra & Miami-Dade County Announce Landmark EV Technology Project for Fleet Electrification

Miami-Dade to install one of the largest fleet charging systems in the U.S. with 75 Proterra chargers across three bus depots Miami-Dade’s purchase of 42 Proterra electric transit buses brings its fleet to 75 Proterra buses […]

Lucid Motors Adds Second Retail Location in South Florida At Rosemary Square in West Palm Beach

Lucid Air sets new EV standards for luxury, performance, and range with models achieving 500+ miles; Reservations now available for all models, including Lucid Air Pure Lucid Motors, which is setting new standards for sustainable mobility with […]

Top EV Cities In US — 10 Charts

Some of the factors contributing to the relatively fast adoption of electric vehicles (EV) in some American metropolitan markets have been identified and characterized by a new study from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). […]