Electric Carsharing Is A Win! Help Me Launch It In Wroclaw, Poland!!

Originally published on CleanTechnica. This article jumps into 3 things: 1) my experience using (& loving) carsharing 10–12 years ago, 2) a new study out of London on the benefits of carsharing (or “car clubs” as they […]

London High Court Tosses Out Legal Challenge To New Ultra-Low Emissions Black Cabs

The London High Court has gone ahead and tossed out a legal challenge intended to stop production of new ultra-low emissions black cabs, according to a recent press release. As a result of the decision, the […]

Nottingham, Bristol, Milton Keynes, & London Win £35 Million

Originally published on Sustainnovate. By Henry Lindon Winning cities for the Go Ultra Low City Scheme — intended to help support the adoption of electric vehicles in the UK — have been selected. The 4 winning […]

Interview With BYD Founder & Chairman Wang Chuanfu (VIDEO)

Originally published on Sustainnovate. BYD is one of the leading electric car manufacturers in the world — or even the leading manufacturer. It is also the world’s leading manufacturer of electric buses, sells solar panels, sells […]

eConnect Cars Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Double Taxi Fleet Size

The electric taxi company eConnect Cars has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to help achieve its plans to double its fleet size by the year 2018, according to recent reports. The tentative deadline for the growth […]

Paddington (London) Trainriders Now Have Option Of EV Taxis To & From Stations

Those that often take the train from Paddinton (in London) now have a new means of getting to and from the stations — and a new, electric means at that — according to recent reports. Thanks […]