Idaho National Laboratory Researchers Quest To Improve Battery Performance; Glassy Li metal anode for high-performance rechargeable Li batteries

New research describes the evolution of nanostructural lithium atoms (blue) depositing onto an electrode (yellow) during the battery charging operation. Image Courtesy of Idaho National Laboratory Researchers from Idaho National Laboratory working with the University of California, San Diego have […]

Battery Breakthrough Gives Boost to Electric Flight & Long-Range Electric Cars

Originally published by Berkeley Lab New battery technology developed at Berkeley Lab could give flight to electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and supercharge safe, long-range electric cars In the pursuit of a rechargeable battery that […]

New Battery Electrolyte Developed at Stanford May Boost the Performance of Electric Vehicles

Originally Published on Stanford | News Science By Mark Shwartz Stanford researchers have designed a new electrolyte for lithium metal batteries that could increase the driving range of electric cars. Watch the video below. A new […]