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Reducing Propensity For Electrode Fragmentation In Silicon-Aluminum Anodes For Lithium-Ion Batteries

Researchers from the University of Windsor in Ontario have discovered a new means of improving silicon anode durability (when in use with lithium-ion batteries) through the utilization of newly observed self-healing behavior of cracks in micron-sized silicon particles dispersed “in a ductile Al matrix cycled using a high lithiation rate of 15.6 C.” As some […]

August 17th

Report: China’s Lithium-Ion Industry Is Booming Thanks To Government Support, Domestic Output Tripled In 2015

Originally published on CleanTechnica. China’s lithium-ion battery market is booming thanks to government support for electric vehicles, according to a new report from CCM (a major market analysis firm for the country’s chemicals, agriculture, food, and life sciences, markets). The report revealed that in May 2016 alone, around RMB2.6 billion (~$400 million) was put into […]

May 24th

Japan Was Top Producer Of Automotive Lithium-Ion Batteries In 2014 (By Capacity)

The top producer of automotive-industry-utilized lithium-ion battery cells in 2014 was Japan — with around 2 gigawatt-hours of batteries produced in the country during the year — according to a new infographic from the US Department of Energy. The overall production capacity leader for the year, though, was China — with more than 10.4 gigawatt-hours […]

April 20th

Sodium-Ion Battery Powers Proof-of-Concept Electric Bike

The rise in the popularity of electric bicycles cannot be understated, especially in places where congested roads or high gas prices make car ownership unaffordable for many. So while many automakers and technology companies are focusing on building big battery packs for electric vehicles, Britain’s Faradion went a different route, building an electric bicycle to […]

How To Make Li-ion Batteries Live Longer, How They Die (In Depth)

Below is an interesting video on the life and death of lithium-ion batteries (aka Li-ion batteries), as well as some tips on how to make Li-ion batteries live longer. It is definitely for those interested in the more detailed, nerdy sides of the matter. But also note that it references Tesla, the Nissan LEAF, the Chevy Volt, […]

October 12th

Tesla Gigafactory Infographic

The Tesla Gigafactory is one of the hottest cleantech stories of 2014, if not the hottest. Someone recently passed along a cool Tesla Gigafactory infographic that includes quite a bit of interesting info about the lithium-ion battery gigawatt-scale factory. Of course, it notes that the best way to bring down the price of electric cars […]

August 6th

Hitachi Chemical To Quadruple Production Of Li-ion Batteries For Solar & Wind

Hitachi Chemical Co., a leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer, is reportedly set to more than quadruple its Li-ion battery production capacity for solar and wind power plants. The company is reportedly investing ¥2.2 billion ($359.3 million) into a Li-ion battery plant of subsidiary Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co. in order to boost capacity. “Hitachi Chemical recently integrated Shin-Kobe fully into its business, […]

August 19th

EV Battery Prices Fall 40% In 2 Years

One of the hardest and most critical factors to project when it comes to electric vehicles is the price of batteries, which make up a huge portion of an EV’s price. However, the trend is pretty obvious. As this graph below shows, EV battery prices have fallen 40% since 2010. Regarding the future, BMW board member Ian […]

July 4th

Next-Gen Lithium-Ion Batteries From Bosch, Mitsubishi, & GS Yuasa

Robert Bosch GmbH and two Japanese companies — GS Yuasa International Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation — recently announced that they were going to triple team lithium-ion battery technology. Well, yeah, they didn’t use the term “triple team,” but they did announce that they’re working together on next-generation Li-ion batteries. Clearly, such large leaders in related […]

June 28th