NGOs & Aviation Sector Call for Long-Haul Emissions to be Covered by EU’s Sustainable Aviation Fuels mandate

Broad coalition calls on European Commission to ensure that long-haul flights are included in the EU’s SAFs mandate Call for obligation of the mandate to be placed on the fuel supplier, to ensure equal treatment Support […]

How the EU’s New Battery Law Can Help Europe Lead the Green Battery Race

The European Commission has set a target of getting at least 30 million zero-emission cars on Europe’s roads by 2030. To ensure the transition to e-mobility is fully sustainable and ethically responsible, a wider regulatory framework […]

European CEO Alliance Emphasis Cross-Industry Collaboration to Fight Climate Change

Members agree at first meeting: “We support the EU Green Deal. The climate targets are feasible, with sustainable growth and future-proof jobs ahead” Volkswagen and 11 leading European companies collaborate on decarbonization of economy and society Investments […]

New Tracking Tool Maps the Reality of Industrial Pollution in Europe

With national governments and the EU failing to report crucial information, a new NGO database shows what plants are playing by the rules. Italy emerges as the most transparent country, with Germany coming bottom of the […]

MEPs back CO2 Targets& EU Carbon Market for Shipping

The European Parliament’s environment committee has voted to require ships to reduce their emissions and finally pay for their carbon pollution. Green group Transport & Environment (T&E) said the European Commission should follow this cue to […]

EU Law Against Greenwashing Approved by European Parliament

The European Parliament has approved the much debated, and long awaited, Taxonomy Regulation that will determine which financial investments can be labelled environmentally sustainable. Green transport group Transport & Environment (T&E) said the EU green ‘taxonomy’ […]