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Renault-Nissan Alliance Dominates World EV Market

Originally published on Planetsave. With 58% of the global zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) market, there’s a strong argument to be made that the Renault-Nissan Alliance is the top electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, and the world leader has just passed its 200,000th electric vehicle (EV) sale. Renault and Nissan EV drivers have now driven approximately […]

November 27th

Nissan LEAF Still #1 In Norway (October Registrations Report)

The Nissan LEAF continue to hold the top spot for electric car sales/registrations in Norway. In October, it came in #1 with 372 sales, followed by the VW e-Golf (a newbie) not far behind it with 324 sales, and the VW e-Up! with just a tad less — 230 sales. The BMW i3 does okay […]

November 7th

Germany Electric Car Sales Doubling (Charts)

The German electric vehicle market has nearly doubled in size since last year (comparing new sales in September 2014 to new sales in September 2013). To be specific — the market saw 1,099 electric vehicles registered in September, bringing the share of the market belonging to electric vehicles up to 0.46%. That’s about twice the percentage held by […]

October 22nd

Renault-Nissan Providing 200 EVs To French Telecom Orange

French telecom giant Orange has signed a deal with the Renault-Nissan alliance that will provide the company with 200 electric vehicles, mostly for car-sharing. The deal will see the vehicles delivered by 2015. Orange, which provides telecom services to some 226 million people, will utilize the Renault and Nissan electric vehicles to move people between […]

September 4th

Nissan e-NV200 Uses Air Conditioning To Cool Its Battery

When the Nissan Leaf first shipped, some analysts pointed out that the air-cooled battery pack could be susceptible to heat in high-temp locales. Nissan dismissed these concerns, though a snafu over the dropping range of Leaf EVs in the Southwest U.S. apparently left its mark. When the Nissan e-NV200 electric van ships later this year, […]

Video: Nissan Leaf and e-NV200 Get An Ultraman Makeover

Superheroes never stopped being popular in America, but over in Japan the campy superhero schtick is as strong as ever. Though “Ultraman” only ran for a single season from 1966 to 1967, it left a lasting impact on Japanese culture that today includes a manga and upcoming television show. Ultraman and his cohort of evil-fighting […]

Nissan Leaf Back On Top In Norway (April Electric Car Registrations Report)

Rising to #1 yet again, the Nissan Leaf overtook the Tesla Model S last month in Norway, in terms of new electric and plug-in-hybrid-electric (PHE) car registrations. The Leaf actually topped the charts in January and February as well. It was only March that saw a big surge in registrations put the Tesla Model S at #1. Interestingly, […]

May 12th

13 New Electric Vehicles For Sale In 2014

Unfortunately, playing catch-up over the holidays kicked an article idea out of my head. Fortunately, an article on GM-Volt kicked it back in. Jeff Cobb of GM-Volt went ahead and published “9 new plug-in cars to look forward to in 2014” last week. I’m more or less “copying” his list, but I will change things […]

January 4th

UK’s Largest Commercial Electric Vehicle Trial Launched

Nissan, Gateshead College, British Gas, and Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Solutions have launched the largest commercial electric vehicle trial in the UK. Don’t get too excited, it’s just a 28-vehicle trial, but it’s a start! The trial is using Nissan’s e-NV200 vans, which are also going to be used in taxi pilot programs in Barcelona, where […]

December 2nd