Cleantech Talk #13!

Originally published on CleanTechnica. We’ve finally relaunched Cleantech Talk! And there are two new co-hosts for the show — Kyle Field and Matthew Klippenstein. You can listen to this week’s episode on iTunes, on SoundCloud, or […]

Fastned + Nissan Team Up To Offer LEAF Drivers Free Fast Charging In The Netherlands

Originally published on The ECOreport. By Roy L Hales Fastned CEO Michael Langezaal recently compared EVs to computers on wheels. Gas-powered vehicles, on the other hand, have a single function: going forward. The EV’s superiority is so […]

UK 2016 Nissan LEAF Range Of 155 Miles Shows Ridiculousness Of NEDC

I’ve ben planning to write this article up for a couple of days, since I saw a UK headline about the “155-mile” 2016 Nissan LEAF. Interestingly, John Voelcker seems to have beat me to the punch […]

2016 Nissan LEAF vs Chevy Bolt Concept (Faceoff In LA), + Chelsea Sexton

One of the bigger surprises from National Drive Electric Week Event for me so far was seeing a picture of the Chevy Bolt concept facing off against a 107-mile 2016 Nissan LEAF at LA’s National Drive Electric Week […]

2016 Nissan LEAF Will Come With 2 Battery Options, One With ~110 Miles Of Range

The Nissan LEAF is the best-selling electric car in history. But after a long period of increased sales, US sales have been dropping in recent months. I’ve postulated that the biggest reason for that has been […]