Route 57 Roadtrip — Electric Roadtrip Through UK & Ireland In Kia Soul EV

It seems that roadtrips in electric vehicles are becoming increasingly feasible (and enjoyable), given how often we seem to be hearing about them as of late.

Of course many of the roadtrips we’ve covered recently have taken place in Europe — where things are generally located much closer together, making the limited range of many current electric vehicle (EV) models less of an issue than in the US, and many other places as well.

On that note, there’s currently an electric roadtrip under way in the UK & Ireland — where a Kia Soul EV is slated to travel 2,500 miles through the two islands, while being piloted by a motoring journalist by the name of Jess Shanahan.

The trip — which has been dubbed “Route 57” — is reportedly being supported by Jury’s Inn (which is providing the hotel rooms), and DriveElectric (which supplied the Kia Soul EV). More information (and some interactive possibilities as well) can be found here.

Here are some recent tweets documenting the trip to give an idea of what it’s about:

We reported recently on a somewhat similar roadtrip made with a Kia Soul EV in continental Europe. Those interested may want to see: “The Electric Roadmovie: An EV Roadtrip Through Europe

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