Renault Zoe Back On Top In France (February Electric Car Sales Report)

After a month down at #3, the Renault Zoe (205 sales) rebounded to its normal position at #1 in France. Not far behind is the Renault Kangoo ZE (173 sales). The Zoe and Kangoo ZE sat high above all other vehicles in 2013. They look set for such domination again this year.

The Nissan Leaf was a strong 3rd with 94 sales. After that, nothing else got over 30 sales.

While the smart electric drive and BMW i3 did fairly well in other markets in February, they just landed 25 and 19 sales, respectively, in France.

If you prefer static charts, here they are:

France EV sales Feb 2014

YTD France EV Sales 2014

Sources: Avere FranceAuto Infos, EV-Sales Blogspot, Euro Assurance, and Automobile Propre.

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