Renault-Nissan EVs Saved 18 Tons Of CO2 From Being Emitted At COP21 –108,000 Miles Without Petroleum

EV Obsession previously covered the Renault-Nissan Alliance’s support of climate action with EV shuttles at COP21. Well, here you have some math thanks to that support — the fleet of 200 electric vehicles saved 18 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the air during the two-week global summit! Think of the other pollution the electric vehicles prevented as well. Think of what we take in our lungs regularly due to diesel and gasoline fumes.

Think of how those EV numbers limit air pollution for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists; for the elderly and babies. There is something purely different about the air around an all-electric vehicle. This Renault-Nissan Alliance fleet was the largest EV fleet ever provided for an international conference.

As noted, Renault and Nissan’s employees volunteered as drivers for the fleet. The specific EV models driven were the Renault ZOE, Nissan LEAF, and Nissan e-NV200.

From Nissan: “Electric vehicles from the Renault-Nissan Alliance shuttled more than 8,000 VIP delegates, media and negotiators traveled at least 108,000 miles (175,000 kms) during the Paris climate talks – without emitting any CO2 tailpipe emissions and without using any petroleum whatsoever.”

And the serenity, the absolute quiet of EV transport.

This year’s COP21 marked the first time the UN used a 100% electric fleet. Every single passenger-car shuttle at the climate summit was pure electric.

“COP21 also resulted in the Paris Declaration on Electro-Mobility and Climate Change Call for Action, an agreement that aims to increase EVs and their charging infrastructure. The Renault-Nissan Alliance signed the action plan, which aims to keep the transport sector in line with the COP21 promise to reduce the impact of climate change.”

During the monumental two-week United Nations climate change conference in Paris, the Renault-Nissan Alliance showed some beautiful math due to easy transportation with zero emissions while driving its cleaner fleet of EVs. Why only have two weeks with zero emissions? That’s what they aim to change.

Think of what was saved for only two weeks, what is saved with only 1% of the population driving all-electric vehicles, and what could be saved if just half the population switched to EVs all year long. Of course, that is largely what the COP21 was endeavoring to change.

If you are in Paris soon, look for 13 or 14 of the new charging spots in Paris that will remain after the climate change conference and be available for public use. Two are at Charles de Gaulle Airport, two on the Paris périphérique highway, and one at Orly Airport, for example. We previously covered news on EV Obsession that Renault-Nissan & partner installed 90 new EV charging spots for COP21.

What do you want? This:A_Renault_Nissan_Alliance_driver_with_a_Nissan_LEAF

Or this:


And remember that smog goes from the air into your lungs.


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Top image via Renault-Nissan Alliance, Pelicans Covered In Oil Grand Island via MindfulWalker & (CC BY), and the George Washington Bridge in heavy smog via The U.S. National Archives & (no known copyright restrictions)

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