Carlos Ghosn Talks LEAF, Electric Car Future, Carsharing, & Connected Cars In Paris

Electric vehicles are only ~1% of the car market at this time, according to an interview with CEO Carlos Ghosn, but that is expected to change fast. In the short video below, one finds fascinating points from Carlos Ghosn’s interview at the “Energy For Tomorrow” conference in Paris with Thomas Friedman. This is a 1% that one, ethically, is grateful to be counted in. It is a 1% predicted (by some) to turn into the majority in several years, not so far in the future.

In other interviews, experts have said that people will look back on breathing carcinogenic gasoline and diesel fumes (from cars) as they once did living with second-hand smoke. The COP21 climate change conference in Paris achieved many things. And it was great to see Nissan such a practical part of it. Nissan has a video of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman interviewing CEO Carlos Ghosn at the esteemed paper’s Energy for Tomorrow conference. The topic was, “The Driving Force: The Electric Car Revolution is Here.”

The Renault-Nissan video on record-breaking EV shuttles for COP21 is another acknowledgement of Nissan’s effort to mitigate and improve air pollution, to offer smooth, electric, affordable vehicles to the populations of many countries, with many EV chargers to ease the concerns of EV travelers.

As with cell phones and computers, once seemingly unavailable to the public due to costs, concerned automakers are moving towards affordable EVs and plentiful EV charging stations. It’s not an overnight shift, but we are headed there.

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