Record Siemens Electric Train Order From Poland

Siemens’ New Vectron Train
Poland is apparently getting an upgrade to a bit of its railway lines, with DB Schenker Rail Polska S.A. ordering 23 electric trains (or “locomotives,” as Siemens call them) from train giant Siemens. DB Schenker Rail Polska is a Polish subsidiary of the European DB Schenker Rail, and it is the largest private rail freight company in Poland. “This is the largest order Siemens has received so far for its Vectron locomotive generation,” the company notes. “The order value for these locomotives is in the high double-digit million range,” it adds.

“This is already the third order for our newly developed locomotive platform. A particularly pleasing aspect is that we were also able to secure an option for a further 13 locomotives,” said Jochen Eickholt, CEO of Rail Systems.

Apparently, it will take some time to get Poland all these trains. Shipment is starting immediately, but won’t be completed until 2015.

While these trains will be used for freight services, Siemens also produces them for passenger use. The trains headed to Poland have been designed specifically for Poland’s rail network and have been thoroughly tested. “During its certification in Poland, the Vectron underwent almost a year of trials with various operators on the Polish network. Siemens received certification for the vehicles in September 2012.”

The trains are being manufactured in Munich using what Siemens calls “cutting-edge” manufacturing technology. “For example, the steel construction components will be produced using innovative laser-hybrid welding equipment to allow consistently high carbody structure quality.”

Siemens offers a variety of different trains with unique specifications that really don’t mean much to me (not being a train or engineering expert). But if you’re interested in learning more, head on over to the Siemens Mobility section on its website. And, for simply a look at the new Vectron trains, including a Hollywood-style video (bottom of the page), check out the Vectron webpage.

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