NJ Tesla Supercharger Project Stopped -- Concern That Children In Bookshop Could Be Burned From Car Company Handling Electricity? −

NJ Tesla Supercharger Project Stopped — Concern That Children In Bookshop Could Be Burned From Car Company Handling Electricity?

  • Published on March 22nd, 2014 by

First of all, above is a video of a Tesla Supercharger station that was getting put in and then put on halt for some reason.

One commenter on the YouTube page noted that the NJ Power Commission quietly decided to implement an old law stating that a car company couldn’t distribute electricity and this project thus had to be terminated. In this story, one of the commissioners (4 of which were appointed by Chris Christie) noted that a car company managing electricity near a bookstore could be of risk to little childrens. Notably, the whole commission part could be a joke. It sounds like a joke, but it’s hard to tell the difference between extremism (which the Christie administration is now known for) and parodies of extremism on the internet. There’s actually a name for that — Poe’s law.

Here’s that full YouTube comment:

The NJ Power Commission (overseen by 4 Christie appointees) approved the hookup. Then the commissioners in a poorly advertised meeting rescinded the approval citing an 1895 law barring car manufacturers from becoming a distributor of electric power. “We are merely enforcing this consumer safety law. This protects the consumer. After all, there is a bookstore nearby filled with flammable paper and children!”, said one commissioner

Again, it hasn’t been confirmed yet if this is 100% true or a joke. My assumption is that it’s a joke (and a very good one). However, nothing stated in the video at the top was a joke, and the guys installing the Tesla Supercharger station reportedly do so across the country, so odd business going on in New Jersey may not be as odd as in the YouTube comment, but it’s not the norm.

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  • Chris Aloise

    Zach, I am hoping that this a joke.

    • Yeah, me too. Think there are too many parallels to the other NJ-Tesla story for it to NOT be a joke, but one never knows… Not finding any other info about it online, though. My bet would be 99% chance it’s a joke. 😀

      • Chris Aloise

        I just read an article (Bloomberg) that NJ Assemblyman Tim Eustace has introduced a bill to allow consumers to buy electric cars directly from a manufacturer. Something to watch updates for.

  • They should have waited a week or so…

    (I’m sure that it is a joke)