Nissan’s “Intelligent Mobility” Vision At The Geneva International Motor Show

Search on the internet for famous people who have passed this year. Take a look at how many died from automobile accidents. Of course, it is not the famous only who have died in motor vehicles — but this is a bit more personalized than reading statistics. Sometimes, it seems as citizens, we accept the status quo too much. Nissan is trying to break through that complacency and has a large plan as a top electric vehicle manufacturer that is working for zero-emission vehicles and prioritizing safer EVs. As part of that, Nissan just launched its “Intelligent Mobility” vision at the Geneva International Motor Show.

Nissan exibe sua visão de futuro no Salão de Genebra 2016


Perhaps, modern life does not have to be beset with traffic accidents. With a light on the near future, Nissan is working on “safety innovations through autonomous technology such as high-stability control and high-reliability drive systems.”

Intelligent Mobility will anchor “decisions around how cars are powered, how cars are driven, and how cars integrate into society, all while staying focused on creating more enjoyable driving experiences.”

“Our Intelligent Mobility vision is a framework to move customers around the world towards a safer and more sustainable future,” said Carlos Ghosn, CEO.

Ghosn explained that the Nissan LEAF, as the world’s first mass production EV, in 2010 drove the development of cutting-edge autonomous drive technologies — with a range of safety-leading mass production models aimed to be released by 2020. Three areas in which Nissan now intends to lead the market into the future include:

  • Nissan Intelligent Driving – creating more driver confidence, spearheaded by Nissan’s autonomous drive technology, Piloted Drive
  • Nissan Intelligent Power – more efficiency, more power, spearheaded by electric vehicles (EV)
  • Nissan Intelligent Integration – new links between vehicles and society

The Nissan Qashqai will become the first Piloted Drive vehicle available in Europe next year (2017), + “multiple vehicles with autonomous drive technology in the next four years.” Technology will reportedly be in mainstream, mass-market cars and reasonably priced.

“Autonomous technologies have been part of our R&D activities for a long time; we’ve done extensive and ongoing on-road testing since 2013,” said Daniele Schillaci, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing, and Sales at Nissan. “This verified the integrity and versatility of Nissan’s Piloted Drive engineering in real-world scenarios. Our autonomous technology is additive to the driving experience you have today, offering more enjoyable driving and less stress.”

I certainly feel a sense of Nissan Intelligent Power every time I press on the pedal in my 2015 LEAF — I can only imagine the new generations and wonder. How much better will quiet, smooth, and powerful acceleration become?

With an increased range, a Nissan EV may be even more than a city car, too. Nissan is boosting EV battery energy density and performance, represented by the 60 kWh battery and the Nissan IDS Concept.

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